10 Cybersecurity Myths Revealed! Is Your Small Business at Risk? (INFOGRAPHIC)

The dangers from cyber threats are very real, and the figures can be overwhelming to anyone reading the headlines.

A new infographic by Varonis, titled “10 Cyber Security Myths Putting Your Business at Risk” identifies what is myth and what is reality. If you are like most small business owners, you probably aren’t a digital security expert. So having a look at this infographic may be the best way to determine where your security is weak.

With small businesses increasingly becoming targets of cyber attacks, it is extremely important for owners to stay abreast of the latest developments in digital security.

On the official Varonis blog, Senior Director of Inbound Marketing Rob Sobers writes, “The proliferation of high-profile hacks in the news cycle often tricks small- and medium-sized businesses into thinking that they won’t be targets of attack.”

But this may not be the case, Sobers warns. Staying in the know makes it much harder for you to fall victim to the relentless attacks by cyber criminals.

Sobers ads, “If you or your employees believe any of the myths below, you could be opening up your business to unknown risk.”

Cybersecurity Myths or Reality?

The number one myth listed on the new infographic? ‘A strong password is enough to keep your business safe’. Although a strong password is important — and certainly better than ‘Admin1234′ — you need to do more.

Having a two-factor authentication and data monitoring adds another level of protection. And adding this layer of protection is in many cases enough to drive the average hacker to look for easier targets.

Another myth listed on the inforgraphic? “Small and medium-size businesses aren’t targeted by hackers’. This is obviously false because hackers are opportunists who will target anyone as long as they can benefit from it. And small businesses are not excluded from this.

The 2018 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report has revealed 58 percent of data breach victims are small businesses, so the idea the size of your business might exclude you is definitely a myth.

Is it possible to achieve complete cybersecurity? If you answered yes, think again. The infographic identifies this as just another myth.

The cyber threat environment is continually evolving, and the security protocols you put in place today will eventually be outdated in the future.

As Sobers explains, “Cybersecurity is an ongoing battle, not a task to be checked off and forgotten about. New malware and attack methods consistently put your system and data at risk.”

Another common belief mentioned in the infographic — ‘You’ll know right away if your computer is infected’ — is equally unfounded. This is definitely a myth, Varonis insists.

Cybercriminals hack computer systems for a variety of reasons. Once they breach your security, they could use it to launch a DDoS attack, use your IP address for other nefarious purposes and more.

Remember, keeping your digital security up to date is a never ending effort. Protecting your small business requires remaining vigilant and staying informed.

You can look at the rest of the myths in the infographic below.

Image: Varonis

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