20 Christmas Gifts for Coworkers

Buying holiday gifts for coworkers can be tricky. Your decision will depend on how well you know the person and what their interests are. However, there are some safe bets you can turn to in order to give them something fun and useful.

2018 Christmas Gifts for Coworkers

Here are 20 business gifts to consider for your coworkers.

Desk Organizer

This desktop pen, paper and gadget holder can help your coworkers keep their desks neat and organized. It also comes in a variety of colors so you can personalize it to their tastes.

Retirement Chalkboard

20 Christmas Gifts for Coworkers - Retirement Chalkboard

Whether your coworkers is actually nearing retirement or you just love to joke about the days where you can wake up as late as you want, this chalkboard sign that features a retirement countdown can serve as a funny gift.

Single Serve Coffee Maker

20 Christmas Gifts for Coworkers - Single Serve Coffee Maker

If your office doesn’t have a convenient communal coffee maker or if your coworker just likes to enjoy an extra cup later in the day, this single serve coffee maker could serve as both a fun and very practical gift.

Monogram Stationery Set

20 Christmas Gifts for Coworkers - Monogram Stationery Set

To encourage more written communication or just to get your coworker something that’s completely personalized to them, this note card set can be personalized with a name and monogram.


20 Christmas Gifts for Coworkers - Orchids

Orchids are beautiful and easy to take care of throughout the year. They can make a great desk ornament for any coworker, and you can even personalize it with a little note or a decorated planter.


20 Christmas Gifts for Coworkers - Bookends

For the bookworm in your office, these stainless steel bookends could make a wonderful decoration for their office or home library, while also serving a very practical purpose.

Desktop Golf

20 Christmas Gifts for Coworkers - Desktop Golf

For that golfer in your office who can’t get out onto the course as often as they’d like, this small desktop game could serve as a wonderful reminder of their favorite hobby and also give them a little distraction during stressful days.

Reusable Shopping Bag

20 Christmas Gifts for Coworkers - Reusable Shopping Bag

Always a practical option, this reusable shopping bag from Baggu can appeal to any environmentally conscious coworkers. But it can also work in a variety of other instances as well.


20 Christmas Gifts for Coworkers - Mug

A mug is a great way to give your coworker a practical gift while also injecting some humor. This mug conveys a sense of friendship in a funny way.

Gym Bag

20 Christmas Gifts for Coworkers - Gym Bag

For your after-work workout partner, this gym bag provides a little bit of humor and style while also providing a really useful way to carry around those gym clothes and accessories.

Cubicle Guest Book

20 Christmas Gifts for Coworkers - Cubicle Guest Book

Another sort of funny gift, this guest book is meant for keeping track of cubicle visitors. It can make for a great office decoration or an actual way to share thoughts and memories at work.

The Five Minute Journal

20 Christmas Gifts for Coworkers - The Five Minute Journal

More than just your average journal, this book is meant to help you feel happier in just five minutes per day. It includes prompts, quotes and more to help cultivate a journaling habit that doesn’t take a ton of time.

Dry Erase Board

20 Christmas Gifts for Coworkers - Dry Erase Board

For sharing notes and messages throughout the workday, this dry erase board could make for a great office decoration or even a practical tool for brainstorming creative ideas.

Candy Variety Pack

20 Christmas Gifts for Coworkers - Candy Variety Pack

Who doesn’t love desk snacks? Whether your coworker shares your office or works remotely, this box of full sized candy bars should help to curb their candy cravings well into the new year.


20 Christmas Gifts for Coworkers - Throw

You know that coworker who’s always cold? Keep them warm in the office and at home with this beautiful handwoven throw.

Desk Fan

20 Christmas Gifts for Coworkers - Desk Fan

And for the coworker who’s always warm, this desk fan can help them stay cool throughout the day.


20 Christmas Gifts for Coworkers - Corkscrew

Get your favorite happy hour partners this stainless steel corkscrew and bottle opener that also comes with a set of funny coasters.

Bar Book

20 Christmas Gifts for Coworkers - Bar Book

Or you can switch your happy hour tradition and try making your own as a group. This bar book includes tons of recipes to help.

Homesick Candle

20 Christmas Gifts for Coworkers - Homesick Candle

If you have a coworker who has moved for work, get them a candle that is inspired by their home state. This company makes them for a wide variety of states and cities.

Rose Gold Pens

20 Christmas Gifts for Coworkers - Rose Gold Pens

For a funky twist on office supplies, try this set of pens. They include some unique decorative elements while also writing very smoothly and clearly.

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