7 Ways to Get More Out of Promoting Your Product on Social Media

Launching and promoting products to a global audience used to be the domain of multi-national businesses with big budgets and access to prime time TV ad slots. That’s not the case anymore. Small businesses can promote their products globally for free or at affordable budgets thanks to social media.

The advent of social media has leveled the playing field for businesses to reach masses of potential customers online. You can promote and market to large audiences eager to learn more about your business and buy your products on social media, but you need to know how to do it right.

Top Tips for Social Media Promotion

Statistics show more than 1 in 3 internet users go to social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter when looking for more information about a brand or product. And almost 90 percent of marketers who promote on social media say their social media marketing efforts have increased exposure for their business, while 75 percent say they’ve increased traffic.

If you want to tap into this powerful marketing tool, there are some top ways savvy marketers use to promote and market products on social media you can emulate:

1. Partner with Bloggers and Influencers

Social media influencers, celebrities and bloggers are already in contact with your target customers. Partnering with them can increase your brand awareness and sales. Reach out to influencers and work out an arrangement to have them mention or recommend your products or brand to their followers in subtle ways that work for everyone involved.

2. Create Explainer Videos

A whopping 80 percent of all internet traffic will come from video by 2019, according to SocialMediaToday. Savvy marketers are creating explainer and testimonial videos for social networks, which inform and inspire people to believe in their products. The trick here is to let people see your product in action and witness its benefits with their own eyes.

3. Run Social Media Contests

Run a contest is a subtle way to promote your product without actually advertising it. A contest on social media will attract your target audience’s attention, drive engagement and increase product sales and brand loyalty. For best results, keep the contest simple, fun and offer rewards to all participants.

More Tips for Promoting on Social Media – Infographic

If you want more tips for marketing and promoting your product or business on social media, check out this neat infographic designed by College Paper below. It includes useful info on how to promote your products on social media without being overly promotional.

Image: College-Paper

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