Aug 11, Small Business Videos: The Best Way to Boom Your Business!

business videos are one of the key tools that a small
business can use to promote and sell their products and services!

What are they? How do you make one or get one made? Let’s take a

When We Say “Small Business Videos”… What Exactly Are We Talking about?

Video marketing strategy

When we talk about small business videos we are actually talking about the use of video marketing by small businesses to leverage their overall business marketing strategy.

A survey in 2016 by Animoto (a leading online video editing and publishing platform) of marketers and small business owners found that 76% of those who used video marketing saw that it had a direct impact on their business.

Another study revealed that site visitors who watch product videos are 85% more likely to buy an item!

So indeed… The impact of marketing through the means of video can be of considerable value to a company’s bottom line! And this is especially so for small businesses who normally do not have extravagant resources for promotion.

Small Business Videos Can Increase Your Ability to Effectively Reach Your Customers

Small business videos can effectively reach your customers

One of the major problems for any business, big or small, is how do you effectively reach as many of your potential customers as possible? 

How do you put your product in front of them so they can see it and understand its value to them?

Through the use of small business videos you can put your product squarely in front of millions of potential customers through the use of the Web… especially through the use of social networks

Whether it be on your own website… or through the use of your favorite video publishing platform such as YouTube, Vimeo,  Wistia or… On social media platforms such as Facebook Live, Instagram Live or Twitter… you can put your product in front of a legion of potential customers all over the world.

Here is an example of a simple and well-made small business video…

There Are Three Ways Use to Produce Your Video

Producing your video

Many business owners have the idea that “They want to make a sales video for their company but can’t”. 

This may be for various reasons but, just keep in mind, your competitors are using video to successfully advertise and promote their products.

If you do any business on the web, and who doesn’t, or you want to advertise on social media then using some sort of video advertising is a must. You can be losing customers and sales if you don’t!

Here are the three main avenues you can use to get your small business video made:

  • Do-it-yourself video production.
  • Hire an independent videographer.
  • Hire a video production company.

Let’s take a quick look at each of these methods…

Producing the Video Yourself

Producing a small business video yourself

Depending on your level of skill, access to the materials that you will need and your ability to follow-through this can be either a wonderful and rewarding experience that you can take great pride in or, on the other hand, it can be confounding, time-consuming and irritating if you hit snags and stops in your video production.

But, if finances are a major consideration, This would be almost certainly the cheapest way for you to produce your business video. However…  don’t get the idea however, that it’s impossible. Even if you have a limited amount of experience in producing videos and don’t have access to a whole lot of fancy equipment. Many small business owners have produced great little videos that promote and sell their products very well.

Before doing it this way however, you do need to take an assessment of where you are at as far as:

  • Your inclination to do it.
  • Your expertise level.
  • The amount of time you have free to do all the steps of the video production process.
  • And the material and equipment that you’ll need.

You want to produce as professional-looking video as possible, that’s for sure. But, it can be done! And you can do it if you have a very good idea of what you want to say and you keep it very simple.

Just by using stock photos, stock video clips and writing some interesting copy you can use any one of the several online video editing and publishing sites to produce a great looking video! The added benefit is the pride that you will feel when you produced a fine little video that gets across your exact message to your customers.

Here is a good example of a simple but effective business video that you could produce yourself!

[embedded content]

Here are some articles and resources that can help if you want to go this route to produce your small business videos…

More on Producing Your Own Video…

Having a Freelance Videographer Make Your Video

Freelance videographer

There are many independent freelance videographer’s out there that will make you a fine business video.

Some of the advantages of going with an independent videographer are:

Personal Contact

Since you’re dealing essentially with a “one-man band” you will normally be more intimately involved with the production of the video as opposed to going with a video production company. 

With a freelance videographer it’s normally a lot easier to change some aspects of the video during its creation as you normally have more personal access to the video production process as it’s happening.

A Lower Overall Price

Independent videographers normally offer a less robust video production but, they can also offer you a very well-made and professional looking video at a lower cost than a video production company. 

They’re not paying a number of highly skilled crew members to produce various aspects of your video. so obviously there are less production costs involved.

There Can Be A Few Drawbacks

Most independent videographers don’t have access to the type of camera equipment, editing facilities and production crews that the larger video production companies have.  This can mean that the production values of the video, although very good, won’t be approaching “Hollywood” standards. 

Also, your business video may take longer to produce as the independent videographer, being a “one-man band”, will have to juggle his or her time as they go through the pre-production, production and post-production aspects of making the video.

Here’s an example of the type of video that a freelance or Independent videographer might shoot for your small business…

[embedded content]

Here is a deeper dive into using a freelance videographer to produce your small business videos…

More on Independent Videographers…

Using a Video Production Company

Using a video production company

This would be probably the most expensive way to go, but also the surest way to get a slick, professional looking advertising video done for your products.

The advantages of using a production company are that you can basically give them your vision and ideas of what you want your video to say and what the target audience is and then just let them run with it.

Normally, an experienced video production company will have produced several of the types of videos you are looking for and will have the experience and resources to complete an outstanding video for you in the shortest amount of time.

Again however, using a video production company can be expensive, especially if you want to make any changes in the video after production is started. Additions and/or “tweaks” will cost you. But, if you want your small business videos produced in the shortest amount of time with the best production quality. Using a video production company is the way to go.

Here is what you might expect your video to look like if you choose a video production company to do your small business video…

[embedded content]

Here’s more information that can help you choose a video production company to produce your small business videos…

More on Video Production Companies…

The use of small business videos can help increase your sales like no other type of advertising! So…However you have one made… Use them to boom your business sales!

Have fun…!  Dan (Editor)

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