Creating a profitable fitness business in 2018

You do whatever you can to build the brand.

You start charging premium prices. Right, you say I’m only going to have 10 sessions a week.

If you can only do 10 to 15 sessions per week, then wherever possible you get people coming to you. If you’re going to them, maybe you can add the $50 call out fee.

When the brand is strong people will come to you.

I drive an hour on a Sunday to train with Sebastian Kliesch because I want to train with him.

I’d be saying, ‘Come to me for one session a week, I’ll do your program and you’ll train three times a week. One session you come to me, I write your program for the next two sessions and you do those yourself.

It’s a weekly fee of $250 per week, whether you show up or not. You have pre-scheduled times wherever possible and if you cancel within seven days, you lose your seat on the bus.

This creates much higher levels of retention, and now, you’re not being paid per session you’re being paid per week.

So now it’s a subscription, it’s $1,000 per month and clients need to pay three months in advance.


This is the way to start packaging.

Let’s say, if we get $1,000 per month for three months in advance and you’ve got 10 of those, all of a sudden you’ve got $30,000 in the bank.

It’s a lot easier to make 10 sales than it is to make one off sales again and again and again.

You can create a facebook page for your clients, when one person has a question you answer it once and the whole group gets the answer. It becomes a resource and everybody sees it.

So now, the no. 1 focus is content strategy.

Part 1. Your training

Part 2. Client training

Part 3. Lifestyle

And your message is, ‘I don’t do this to make money, I do this because this is my life and my lifestyle.’

Theoretical knowledge is, ‘I read it.’

Experience is, ‘I’ve done it.’

I’ve practiced it, it’s part of my being.

Right now, it’s not about getting the content perfect, it’s about getting it out there now.

Build the brand and demand happens naturally.

Then, when you have a product you don’t have to sell it, it just f***ing sells.




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Kerwin Rae

Kerwin Rae

Kerwin Rae is a businessman, investor, strategic advisor, author and international speaker. He has studied and observed the psychology of influence for well over a decade now and is considered an expert on influencing human behaviour and how it relates to sales, marketing, fast growth business principles, leadership and personal transformation.
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