Data Reveals 10 Metro Areas with Good Pools of Potential Gen X Employees for Small Businesses

The employees at your small business likely range in ages.

As you may be looking to lower the average age of employees at your company — maybe to bring in a little youthful exhuberance — don’t overlook the generation between the Baby Boomers and Millennials.

Top Cities for Hiring Gen Xers

According to new data from, Generation X is increasingly interested in working for small businesses like yours. The site has identified the cities across the U.S. where GenX’ers are looking for work at small businesses, specifically.

Topping the list is Las Vegas, followed by Riverside, California, and Houston, Texas. So these are the top cities were GenX is looking to work for small businesses over any other companies, first and foremost.

“Gen X employees are quickly becoming the majority in terms of leadership positions, and our data shows many are interested in working for small businesses around the country,” says Indeed Senior Vice President of HR, Paul Wolfe.

So, if you’re looking to hire an employee with a little more tech savvy, don’t go straight for the youngest generation of workers in the pool, Indeed says. Not only are Generation X workers tech savvy, they’re also increasingly taking leadership positions at companies across the country.

“Often thought of as the ‘middle child’ between Millennials and Baby Boomers, Gen X has proven to be equally capable at adapting to tech advancements as Millennials, and show conventional leadership skills that they’ve learned from Baby Boomers,”  Wolfe adds.

After Houston, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and Hartford, Connecticut, round out the top 5 cities on this list from Indeed. Birmingham, Alabama; Orlando, Florida; San Antonio, Texas; Memphis, Tennessee; and Jacksonville, Florida finish the list of top 10 cities where Generation X is looking to work for small businesses above all others.


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