Deep Dive Into Disney | Kylie Watson-Wheeler | S2E13


With Kylie Watson-Wheeler

Kylie Watson-Wheeler is the Senior Vice President & Managing Director of the ‘Walt Disney Company’ in Australia and New Zealand. Kylie is responsible for all areas of the business encompassing film, media, streaming, digital & distribution. She has been in this position for the last 17 years.

Kylie is an extraordinary example of powerful and strong leadership. In this podcast, Kylie explores the topic of diversity in Disney, delving into being a woman in a managerial position and how she handles her other responsibilities alongside being in one of the highest positions in Disney Australia.

In this episode, you will learn:
  • 00:00 Introduction

  • 04:00 How Kylie brings creativity to a big established business like Disney

  • 07:00 Disney’s approach to the streaming industry

  • 12:00 What Disney is looking for in AUS/NZ content

  • 13:00 How Kylie managed being a woman in a position that has been dominated by men for many years

  • 17:00 Key lessons Kylie has learnt as a leader at Disney 

  • 19:00 The secret to Disney’s success

  • 20:00 Why strong leaders understand that different people need to be led differently

  • 22:00 The importance of planning

  • 23:00 The impact of COVID on Disney

  • 25:00 Disney’s investing into local production studios

  • 26:00 How Kylie has managed other aspects of her life alongside her career

  • 28:00 The overlapping lessons from parenting to leadership

  • 31:00 How Kylie manages and rewards high-performance at Disney

  • 36:00 What’s next for Kylie

  • 37:00 How Kylie became club president of the bulldogs 

  • 39:00 Similarities & differences in leadership for sport & entertainment

  • 40:00 Advice from Disney’s managing director of AUS/NZ


Kylie Watson-Wheeler

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