Essential Office Supplies You May Need to Start Your Business

No matter what type of business you plan on starting, you’ll need some basic office supplies to support your operations. The exact items you invest in will depend on your own needs and processes. However, there are some items that can be helpful for businesses in a huge array of industries. Here are some of the office supplies that you might consider purchasing to get your own venture off the ground.

List of Basic Office Supplies

Printer Paper

This is necessary for any important documents that you want to print out or copy.


These can be used for handwritten notes or personal reminders.

Graph Paper

If your business does any design work or even certain types of math, graph paper is a must.


Separate from a regular notebook, a paper planner can help you keep all of your appointments and to-dos organized.

Sticky Notes

These are perfect for all of those quick thoughts or reminders you want to keep near your workspace.

Sticky Tabs

If you’re making notes on a document or in a notebook, these can help you keep track of the important spots of note.


From opening boxes to cutting sheets of paper, scissors have a seemingly endless amount of uses.


Again, tape is one of those supplies that can come in handy in a number of different situations.


An absolute must, you’ll need pens to make any handwritten notes.


For the times when you want to make less permanent notations, pencils are a must.


Then you’ll also need erasers to be able to get rid of those mistakes.


For the times when you want to make bigger notes or write on rough surfaces, invest in some markers.


Anytime you need to group a set of documents or papers together, a stapler can really come in handy.


Of course, the actual staples themselves are also essential.

Staple Remover

And if you ever find yourself wanting to separate those pages again, you’ll need a staple remover.

Paper Clips

For the times when you want to group some documents together but also make it easy to pull them apart again, paper clips offer a practical solution.

File Folders

You can also use folders to categorize your documents, especially within a file cabinet or larger drawer.


If you want to put together packets for a meeting or simply organize documents related to a specific project.

Hole Punch

You’ll need one of these for those times when you want to add pages to a binder ring or similar fastener.

Three-Hole Punch

Or if you use any three-ring binders, a three-hole punch can be an easier solution.


You’ll need envelopes for any time you want to mail documents or simply separate important papers.


If you’re trying to make note of a particularly important part of a document or even books, highlighters can help you call attention to those parts.


Sort of an old school supply, but white-out can still come in handy for covering up mistakes made in pen or ink.


Cardboard boxes can be used for both shipping and organizing supplies within your office.

Packing Tape

Any time you want to send a box to another destination, packing tape can help you keep the box secure.

Bubble Wrap

And bubble wrap or similar packing materials can help you keep the contents safe.

Padded Envelopes

If you plan on sending any smaller items that don’t require a full box, some padded envelopes can still help you keep the contents safe.


You’ll also need some sticky labels to notate shipping addresses or even contents of boxes or drawers within your office.


Of course, you’ll also need stamps to be able to mail out envelopes.

Ink Cartridges

When you go to print out documents, you’ll need ink cartridges for black and white printing, color printing or both.

Rubber Bands

Rubber bands can come in handy for securing binders, corralling cords or plenty of other potential uses.

Presentation Boards

For your meeting room, you can use a presentation board to show off visual aides or even project video content.

Dry Erase Board

If you want to make notes on the go, invest in a dry erase board.

Dry Erase Markers

Then you’ll also need some dry erase markers so that you can easily clear the board when you’re finished.


A calendar can help you keep track of important dates for your own work or the office as a whole in a very visual way.

Laptop Bag

For busy professionals who are on-the-go fairly often, a laptop bag can help you transport your equipment safely to locations outside your office.

Cleaning Supplies

Of course, you’ll also need a way to keep your office space clean. Even if you have an outside service, some all-purpose cleaner or wipes can help you remove spills or stains as they happen.


For any particularly messy tasks, some disposable gloves can make the cleanup process easier.

Trash Bags

You’ll also need some plastic trash bags to hold any garbage that accumulates throughout your office each day.


In case there are any team members suffering from mild illness or allergies, place a couple boxes of tissues throughout the office.

Toilet Paper

Of course, you’ll also need to make sure the office bathroom is stocked with toilet paper.

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