Getting organic reach in 2018

Have you noticed you are getting less engagement, likes, comment, clicks or share on your content? You’re not alone.

I’ve felt it, however there are still many strategies you can use to grow your online presence in 2018.

With algorithm’s becoming more advanced every single day, designed around delivering the best user experience, you need to stay up to date with what’s working with new platform features.

To get organic reach you need to focus on utility-content.

This is still quite a new concept for a lot of business owners. What I mean by utility-content is creating content which is helpful to your audience and content which your audience actually wants to engage with.

On Facebook, Video is the best way to provide utility-content to your audience.

The numbers prove this. Video gets the highest organic reach compared to any other post type. This is followed by image posts and plain text posts.

Link Posts are the worst type of posts on Facebook.

Don’t base your traffic and social media strategy on posting links. Facebook wants to keep the user on the platform, rather than send them off to your website.

If you are using social media like a billboard plastering your name and phone number all over social media, you’re missing the point.

Users share 1 million links on Facebook every 20 minutes. The space is more saturated than ever before. You need to stand out if you want your content to get in front of your audience, and blasting links all over social media is not going to get you there.

Give high-quality utility-content and the rest, comes as a natural consequence. Deliver so much value in your free content, that people are compelled to do business with you.

Start by understanding your target audience.

Who are they and what kind of content would they be most likely to consume? Instagram and Facebook track what type of posts users engage with the most. If they are mainly watching videos, their feed will mainly show videos.

Here are six tactics to add into your marketing mix:

1. Instagram Stories

Post regular Instagram stories.

This is the best way to organically stay front of mind to your audience. Instagram stories takes up a fair chunk of the feeds real estate, at the top of the app. The more of your story they watch, the more the algorithm will show the user your content.

Vary your content type to appeal to different demographics of your audience.

Once you reach 10,000+ followers under a business profile, Instagram will allow you to include links in your stories. However, don’t always add links to your story as Instagram will show your content less because they want to keep the user on the platform.

Create stories people want to engage with. Only use links in your social media mix occasionally.

Post engaging Instagram Stories.

2. Facebook Stories

Stories are relatively new to Facebook and currently can’t include links. However, Facebook has announced that they will start rolling out the option to includes links in the near future.

Since the stories feature is relatively new a lot of pages are getting high organic reach at the moment.

Get Posting Facebook Stories, while your competitors are yet to adopt.

Getting organic reach in 20182

3. Facebook Live

Facebook Live videos have the highest organic reach rate when compared to any post type.

Users who share a strong interest in your content, will receive notification when you go live. This is a great way deliver value, and engage with your potential customers.

Go live.

4. Sharable content without asking

Create content that people want to engage with. Don’t ask for it. Facebook’s sophisticated algorithm knows when you use keywords that ask for people to like, comment or share in your post copy. Facebook will then reduce the organic reach of that post.

Therefore, create content which your target audiences loves and wants to like, comment or share.

Create snackable and shareable content.

5. Engage on Posts and Shares

It’s called a social network for a reason.

Ensure you reply to all comments and shares on your content. This will assist in pushing your content into higher up into the newsfeed.

Be social.

6. Video, Video, Video

Mark Zuckerberg has said that Facebook favours native video posts. In the future Facebook anticipates video will take up a majority of the post types, and the data reflects this.

People are 1.81 X more likely to purchase on with a business from video.

51% of Facebook users are more likely to buy products from brands they follow online.

Post video.

Keane Marsh

Keane Marsh

Social Media Manager and Community Manager at Kerwin Rae
Keane has worked as a social media manager and a digital marketer with entrepreneurs and businesses providing full-service online management. He has a strong interest in working with business coaches and entrepreneurs, managing and creating content across digital platforms. His special areas of interest include Facebook Bots, Marketing Automation and Digital Marketing Optimisation. Creating and managing purposeful and high impact campaigns, which engages and entices prospects is Keane’s mission.
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