How Hyper-Personalization and Localization Can Give You a Competitive Edge [Infographic]

Personalization. Everyone’s doing it, so is it even special anymore? Do customers pay attention if emails use their first name or if you specify their company in a nurture campaign?

Enter hyper-personalization, which uses “real-time and discernible data to fashion supremely contextual communication relevant to the customer.”

That definition comes from an infographic created by marketing technology consultants Grazitti Interactive, which explains how pairing hyper-personalized content with localization can give your campaigns a competitive edge.

The graphic gives a B2C example of how to use hyper-personalization and localization, but the concepts work in B2B marketing as well. B2B buyers may not physically be in a store, but they are located on the Web, and finding them in the right place can help you trigger very personalized emails at the right time.

Check out the infographic to understand the concepts of hyper-personalization and localization and to see how they can help you improve your campaigns. 


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