How to Add AI Solutions to Your Cloud Service Offerings

If you already provide data storage, analytics, security and other services as part of your cloud offerings, integrating Artificial Intelligence or AI can excite your customers and provide opportunities for new revenue streams.

Why AI? Because it is a transformative technology which is slated to change the way virtually every industry sector does business — for the better.

Adopting AI and associated technologies such as machine learning and automation can give small cloud resellers the tools they need to compete, retain and gain customers, increase the bottom line, and more importantly stay in business.

How to Add AI Solutions to Your Cloud Service Offerings

Here is how AI can be integrated into several cloud services.

Data Storage

As terabytes and petabytes chunks start becoming the norm in data storage, managing how the information is stored and transported is getting increasingly problematic.

With AI and machine learning, cloud storage will be more manageable, which will introduce new levels of efficiency so service providers can gain storage capacity. Increased capacity can translate to lower costs and more customers.

The level of storage efficiency will continue improve as AI technology becomes a standard tool. This will result in more instrumentation, parallel file systems to deliver performance at scale, and neural storage for solving complex storage management problems in the future.


Investments in data and analytics by businesses doesn’t necessarily translate to employees properly using the data. Cloud service resellers can use AI-based approaches so everyone in the organization they serve can understand the information. With AI, businesses can accelerate organizational learning and distribute the knowledge quickly.

Once everyone has a grasp of what the data offers, the bottleneck generated in trying to understand the information before it is used will be reduced. Employees can now use the analyzed data as they need it without slowing down the flow of information.


Security will be a never ending problem in the connected world we live in. For cloud security providers, AI and machine learning will enhance existing threat detection technologies to give businesses another added level of protection.

The addition of AI in threat detection will be able to monitor human behavior, see patterns, and sound alerts when it detects anomalies. The technology is being used for facial and voice recognition along with “contextual intelligence” to define and identify users and quickly recognize changes if it is not part of a pattern within the data of the authorized user.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

It takes time and effort to create relationships with your customers, especially with today’s always on and connected consumers. Tracking and monitoring each interaction using a cloud CRM solution with AI can dramatically cut the time spent nurturing your customers manually.

With CRM a key tool for how businesses operate today, cloud sellers can add AI to automate customer outreach and make better use of the data being generated. As CRMs collect more data than ever, processing the information with human resources is no longer a viable option.

Artificial intelligence powered CRMs can extract contextual insights and make recommendations to sales people, monitor accounts, make personalized offers, and analyze individual behaviors.

Cloud Contact Center Solutions

Cloud contact center solutions have introduced new levels of service, affordability, and scalability. The integration of AI is allowing service providers to anticipate the needs of the customer and assist agents to get more done.

Agents will be able to count on augmented conversation with virtual assistants and deliver automated answers where possible. In the meantime, the AI can crunch the data to determine if the caller needs immediate attention and if so transfer the call to an agent. This makes the contact center more efficient and the agents more productive.

Business Intelligence

Cloud-based dashboards now deliver valuable business intelligence by collecting data related to your business and display it in a way you can easily make sense of it. With AI business intelligence you will be able to access better quality of data. If the data is better, it can uncover insights which were not recognized in the past. The information can be used to make suggestion and deliver predictions.

For businesses without in-house data scientists, natural language (NL) interfaces will make it easier for non-experts users to gain insights from the data and make better informed decisions.

The prospects AI offers a small cloud reseller is to introduce new operational efficiencies, increase productivity, maximize opportunities and deliver personalized experiences, to name but a few of the benefit. This, of course, will require due diligence in implementing the right AI solution for each service. But once it is in place, it only gets better because it learns and adapts.

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