How to honour your parents

The greatest honour you can give any parent, is the same as the greatest gift a parent can give any child…

Is the gift of love and acceptance.

The greatest way you can honour anyone is accepting them for who they are.

I think sometimes the challenge we have, especially in a parental context is, when we put someone up on a pedestal it can create a couple of issues.

Whoever we put up on a pedestal often ends up in the pit (in our judgement).
Whenever we put someone up on a pedestal, we create a stark contrast between us and them, that sometimes creates a chasm that’s insurmountable.

What I like to do, whether it be a father or a mother or for me, in this instance or Richard Branson or Elon Musk, I’m always looking to put someone on my level.

Whenever we put someone up too high they become out of reach.

Apply a level of awareness to the people that you study. For example, if you’re interested in studying wealth, start studying wealthy people. Start reading the biographies of wealthy people.

I’ve read hundreds of biographies of some of some of the wealthiest people in the world.

One of the greatest biographies I’ve read was called, ‘Titan.’

It was 858 pages of the life story of John D Rockefeller. What’s interesting is the audio is 38 hours, it’s epic.

But the whole time I was reading the book I was constantly looking for traits we had in common.

I did the same thing when I read Richard Branson’s, Elon Musk biography, every biography I read I’m looking for traits that I have that they have.

When I’m reading about Elon Musk and how he’s obsessive, I go, I’m just like that.


Or if I’m reading about Richard Branson, and how he’s dyslexic, I go, I’m just like that.

So as I’m studying, I’m not putting people on a pedestal I’m constantly bringing them to my level by looking for relativity.

I’m looking for the relationship between what traits do they have that I have as well.

And when you do that, you start to bring people into the realm of, they’re no longer up here, they’re here – level with me. And then there’s no chasm or gorge it’s achievable.

So, we can take a similar approach in the scenario of comparing yourself to your parent that for you is up on that pedestal right now. If that’s what you’re doing, start looking at the traits that your dad or mum has that you respect, and start seeing them in yourself.

That’s a great form of respect, seeing what you love about others within yourself.

The more you can accept what you love about others that you have within yourself, the higher level of respect for the people that put those traits in you, in the first place.

Remember…the gift of love and acceptance is the greatest way you can honour anyone – including you.

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Kerwin Rae

Kerwin Rae

Kerwin Rae is a businessman, investor, strategic advisor, author and international speaker. He has studied and observed the psychology of influence for well over a decade now and is considered an expert on influencing human behaviour and how it relates to sales, marketing, fast growth business principles, leadership and personal transformation.
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