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These video production tips can be your guide to producing a great video!

We Are in a Golden Age of Video Production!

Video is the brightest star in the universe of entertainment, business and news content creation and its use in the coming years will only continue to increase! 

Why is this? Why is it now such an important part of entertainment, business, sales, education and social media etc.?

It’s simple…  

Visual communication… in the form of videos… has power like no other medium! It can bypass the need for words and gives the viewer a conceptual understanding of the material being presented.

People Love to Watch Videos!

Audience watching a video

The old adage  “A picture is worth 1000 words” has never been truer! And, if a picture is worth 1000 words then a video is worth many times more! 

There’s something special about videos! They grab an audience’s attention, and connect with them, like no other medium! Whether you want to make videos yourself or have them made, there is no better way to communicate to people! People love  videos!

Digital devices continue to get smaller but yet, more and more powerful every day. Powerful enough to handle the rigors of…

  • Capturing HD video,
  • Video editing and production and,
  • Finally… Exporting the video to a social media platform or digital storage media where it can be shared with others and viewed.

If I’d been told 20 years ago… That you could… on your digital smart phone… record high-definition video, edit it, and share it… all with one device… So that people could easily access it and view it, with excellent quality… I wouldn’t have believed you but, here it is and it all can be done so easily now days!

We are able to use this powerful visual communication medium, the video production… easily and more broadly than ever before in history

Has the Basic “Video Production Process” Changed in This New Digital Age?

The digital age and video production

Social media platforms such as:

  • YouTube,
  • Facebook,
  • Twitter,
  • Vine,
  • Instagram etc.

Have created a new golden age of video production and distribution… But… You might well ask… has the actual video production process  changed with the advent of this new digital age? I would say Yes and No! (Smile).

Whether you’re a professional or amateur videographer or video producer… Producing a video still follows the three basic steps in the video production process of … Pre-Production, Production and Post-Production in some form or another.

How to Use These Video Production Tips!

Using the Video Production Tips

More complex videos require a knowledge of video production techniques such as…

Granted, if you’re a “weekend videographer” videoing a family gathering, such as a birthday or anniversary, or you just capture a lot of video on your digital phone that you love to quickly upload to your favorite social media platform… you may not put too much thought into, or care much about, figuring all of this out before hand… But… Even then, in some way, you will still go through the steps of the video production process, even if it’s in your head, and “on-the-fly”, as you shoot.

However… If you want to put more meaning , continuity and entertainment value into your videos… you will need to shoot great, professional looking video material and be sharp with your video editing techniques… And that’s where you’ll need to know the tools, techniques and resources that will help you produce this or other types of video productions.

And… These video production tips can help you even if you’re doing the whole video on your smart phone!

Video Production Tips

Video production tips and techniques

The video production tips below will give you a broad look at the techniques of producing great digital videos!

Video Production Tips and Techniques

Video Editing Tips and Techniques

Digital Video Camera Operation

Camera Accessories And Digital Storage Media

Camerawork Tips and Techniques

Computer Tips and Techniques

Use the video production tips above, and all the other materials found on this site, to produce a great video! Just remember, people love to watch videos and, by using the above tips, you can produce your own video masterpiece!

Have fun…!  Dan (Editor)

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