Jul 26, Lithium Ion Battery Care

Here are some tips on lithium ion battery care that will ensure your battery operates to its peak performance! You never want to lose power to your digital device at a critical moment!

Lithium ion
batteries have made it possible to have small, rugged and dependable
digital devices that you can take anywhere!

batteries have made it possible to have small, rugged and dependable
digital devices that you can take anywhere!

manufacturers have worked hard to make them as reliable as possible
but, battery care is still very important if you want sure lithium
ion battery to operate at peak performance throughout its life.

are some tips on lithium ion battery care that will help you to
maintain your battery so that you don’t have to worry about battery
failure in your digital device.

Lithium Ion Battery Care Tips

true that with both electrical and mechanical devices, there’s
always a right way and wrong way to do things. Charging a battery is
no different.

The proper techniques for charging a lithium-ion
battery are important to know if you want dependable performance and
a long battery life.

Here are some important lithium ion battery care tips for your digital device’ s battery…

Discharging Your Battery to 0 Volts  before You Recharge

Discharging your lithium battery to 0 voits

You don’t have to continually run your battery to full discharge before you charge it again.

fact…, it is not a good practice to discharge a lithium-ion battery
(or really any other battery for that matter) to zero volts as it
then takes a lot of juice (voltage) to bring it back up to 100%
puts a strain on the battery, due to heat and other factors, and it
can deteriorate rapidly.

constantly allowing your batteries charge to slip below 20 V can
eventually wreak havoc with the protection circuitry and can result
in your digital device giving you false meter readings as to the
amount of charge left in your battery – not a good thing.

you use your digital device heavily then consider giving it a quick
“top-up” so that you keep the charge level above 40%. It’s
fine to partially charge your battery – no harm is done when you do

just remember that you don’t have to keep the battery at 100% charge
at all times.
You should let them run down a little bit then charge
them, a little bit of “exercise” is good for them!

More on How the Charging and Discharging Process Affects a Battery…

(Battery University)

Do You Need to “Condition” Your Battery before First Use?

Conditioning a battery

When people asked me about lithium ion battery care I get this question sometimes… ”When you’re charging your lithium-ion battery for the first time do you need to “condition” it by discharging it to zero before you bring it up to full charge?”

In a word… No.

datum comes from other types of batteries where they have what is
called a “
memory effect”.

Battery technology has evolved
greatly on this and it is seldom recommended anymore to “Condition”
your battery before first use. 
Certainly, there is no need to do that
for a lithium based battery as they are not subject to this

Here is More Data on Charging Lithium Batteries…

(Battery University)

Lithium Batteries and Heat

Lithium batteries and heat

Lithium batteries have a comfort level. It’s somewhere around 50 to 104°F (10 – 40°C).

using, storing or charging your battery in the heat as it can result
in battery capacity loss, damage and/or reduce your battery’s life.

using digital devices such as laptops… This be sure that you keep
the airflow unobstructed or use a heat sink. For instance, It’s not a
good idea to position it on a cushion or a pillow. 
A word to the wise on lithium ion battery care is…  keep your batteries cool as possible as doing this
will go a long way to prolonging your batteries life.

A Deeper Dive into Batteries and Problems with Heat…

(Battery University).

Always Invest in a High Quality Battery Charger

Lithium battery charger

A good and high quality battery charger is a must if you want a reliable charge and to prolong your battery’s life.

a good idea, when you’re thinking about purchasing a charger, to go
with one that may be a little more expensive but, has better
protection circuitry
that will ensure that your battery does not get

look out for the ultra-fast charging units that forcefully charge a
device in less than an hour. 
a lithium-ion battery to quickly can overheat it, degrade it and
reduce your battery’s reliability and longevity considerably.

Just a word to the wise… It may be attractive to be able to charge
your device super quickly but, it can result in having to replace the
battery sooner or, in a device that has a built-in battery, you’ll
have to replace the whole device.

Here Is More Data on Charging Your Battery with a Battery Charger…

(Battery University).

Lithium Batteries and Travel

Lithium batteries and travel

you are traveling and have taken your batteries out of your digital
device, such as your laptop, video camera or other digital equipment,
be sure to understand what the travel regulations are – especially if
you’re flying.

always best when you’re transporting loose batteries to carry these
batteries in a battery traveling case or at the very least a plastic
bag to prevent any possibility of damage or electrical shorting.

also a good idea, if you’re traveling with lithium ion batteries, to
reduce the battery’s charge to about 30%.

More on Properly Preparing Your Batteries for Travel  or Shipping…

(Battery University)

Properly Disposing of Your Used Batteries

Disposing of lithium batteries

of course are filled with chemicals that can be toxic and they need
to be disposed of safely.

types of batteries have different methods of safely recycling them. 
safety and environmental reasons… It’s never really a good idea
just to throw them in the trash.
always best to recycle them properly.

Under no circumstances should
your batteries ever be incinerated as they can explode!

More Information on How to Dispose of Your Batteries Properly…

(Digital Trends).

Using These Simple Lithium Ion Battery Care Tips Can Make Your Digital Device More Reliable and Also Ensure That You Have All the Power You Need Wherever You Are!

Have fun…!  Dan (Editor)

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