Jun 16, Camera Angles High-Angle: Give Your Scene More Impact!

The High Angle Camera Shot!

The high-angle camera
angle gives your audience a unique view that can add impact and emotion to your film or video… If you use it correctly…!

Here are some tips…


High camera angles… specifically the high-angle camera angle, shows
the subject from above but…
Not precisely overhead, i.e. the camera is angled
down towards the subject but the shot itself is not at a great height or an aerial view.

This camera angle has a particular use
and if you use it expertly, it can greatly enhance the emotional impact
and entertainment value of your film or video for your audience.

Shooting from Different Camera Angles Can Help You Create The Right Emotional Effect on Your Audience…

There are several different types of camera angles…

* The  Low Angle camera angle  can make a
subject appear more
powerful  or dominant  in your film or video.

* The  Eye Level Angle can be a neutral angle where not much impact or emotion is added to your scenes but… in using this angle you can make your subject appear more approachable  or friendly.

* A  Tilted Angle can add mystery  or uneasiness  to your film or video. This type of angle is used to great effect in such movie genres such as the Action, Horror, Film Noir or Sci-fi movies.

High Camera AngleHigh Camera Angle

But this angle… the High Angle…has an impact all its own!

To shoot a shot or scene from the high-angle camera angle the camera is placed distinctly above eye level looking downward at
the subject and can be used to create some very unique and interesting
emotional effects on your audience!

The Emotional Effect Created by the High Angle Camera Shot…

high-angle shot
can make your characters appear to be…

Camera Angle – High Angle
High Camera Angle

  • Smaller
  • Vulnerable
  • Weak
  • Subservient
  • Lesser
    in status or position
  • Confused
  • More


type of camera angle is a powerful tool for you and can have a tremendous impact
on your audience. But…
The use of this shot must be well thought-out and used with care if you want to take full advantage of the emotional impact that it can create.

Video Editing Sage.com – Alfred Hitchcock using camera angles

Here is a short compilation of some of Alfred Hitchcock’s best movie scenes! For the high angle shot take note especially of some of the high angle shots from Vertigo (1958), Rope (1948), The Lady Vanishes (1938), The Birds (1963), and Psycho (1960). Enjoy!

The High Angle Camera Angle Can Be Used in Several Ways…

High angle camera shot – Citizen KaneThe High Angle Camera Shot Can Have a Unique Emotional Impact on the Audience!

of the ways it’s used in film and video is as a quick cutaway  (a quick jump
from one shot to another) which will make your scene more action-packed and dramatic looking.  
can also give your audience a bit wider look at the overall scene and thus give
them the impression of more space in the shot. 

But… The main way that it is used is for its emotional impact. Looking
at the character or object in your film or video from this level can have the
emotional effect of diminishing 
the subject making them appear that they are in danger, less powerful or threatening, less significant or even

Things to Consider Before You Shoot Your Scene Using the High-Angle Shot…

Using the High Angle Shot – Tip # 1
  • When shooting a shot or a scene using this camera angle (or any of the camera angles for that matter) be sure to consider this
    particular view carefully, how it fits into the flow of your video and how it will impact your viewer. It can be a bit of an unsettling view for an audience, especially if you make a quick cut to it, so just be sure it fits properly within the flow of your film or video.

Using the High Angle Shot – Tip # 2
  • Also… another reason to plan this camera angle out well is so that it is not overused
    as again, just like with any other camera angle, if it is overused you can easily lose your audience’s
    attention and
    , of course, that’s what you don’t want to do I’m sure!  

If used expertly however, as part of your other production camerawork, it can help you create the exact emotional response you want from your audience at that point in your film or video…!

A little goes a long way with this camera angle so work it out precisely in your pre-production plans and learn to use it well!

And… If you do use it expertly…

This camera angle can add vibrancy and life to your video or film!

Have fun…!  Dan (Editor)

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