May 28, Corporate Videos: Does It Make Sense to "Do-It-Yourself"?

Do-it-yourself corporate videos may make sense if your small business is on a tight budget…  Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of doing your own corporate video production!

What Are Corporate Videos and Why Are They Important to the Success of Your Business?

Okay… Let’s start with what a corporate video is… It’s a powerful promotional and sales tool for your business. You can focus your video on relaying to your customers the …

The Power of a Corporate Video!

Videos engage your customers and employees like no other medium. They can even bypass language and give the audience an easy way to relate to
and understand the message you’re trying to get across. 

  • Features and benefits of your company…

  • Your products and/or…
  • Your Services… 

When used in this way… The video can deliver a powerful… “Call to Action ”… For your customers to take the next step in the buying process.

It can also be focused internally… As it is the perfect medium to best get across the vital information you want your employees to have such as…

  • Product orientation
  • Training
  • Company rules and policies
  • Morale and team-building activities…

It just depends on your audience… Do you want a video that promotes your business, products and services or… Do you need a video that gives information, expertise and brings in
focus company policies and goals? It can be an excellent tool for any of
these things!

An entertaining and interesting video will always engage an audience. And, of course, that is the first step in getting your idea or message across!

Corporate Videos… Quality Versus Cost…

Corporate videos – quality versus cost

As with any business… Especially small or medium-sized businesses…
You’re always concerned with how much money you need to spend on
marketing and promotion.

Should you Do-It-Yourself?

* The first thing to consider is that the video you make will directly represent your company… And when people watch it… They will associate the quality of the Video  with the quality of your Company !

This also goes for internal promotional or organizational uses of a video… Such as team-building or training purposes.

For most business owners the thought is always… What will get me the best “Bang for my Buck“.

In other words… What is the least amount you can spend that will bring you the most revenues in return. 

Well… I’m sure you’re very familiar with this problem… So how about a corporate video production? You probably know from experience that the quality of your company will be judged on the quality of your promotional material.

is a natural thing as people are conditioned to expect high production
when they watch a video… Meaning that at the very least they want to see…

  • Good camerawork,
  • Great sound,
  • Clear concise video editing,
  • Sharp graphics and
    a good story or interesting message…

And that’s really when they watch any  kind of video… Not only corporate video productions. So… Everybody loves them… One would be great for your business! What’s the best way to go if you want to produce a do-it-yourself one that looks great?

Okay… Here are some specific things to consider if you want to do-it-yourself…

The Video Production Process… What You Want to Consider before You Make Your Video…

#1. First and Foremost… Your Budget… How Much Are You Willing to Spend?

Corporate videos budget

You don’t want to produce a bad or
amateurish looking video… but… 
If you don’t get too elaborate or too
ambitious (and you have a bit of confidence in yourself)… You can produce
a surprisingly good, simple and straightforward video production… that
will get your point across very nicely…

Of course… I’m assuming that you either already have or can gain access to the proper video equipment needed to produce a high quality production.

If you have the equipment or can rent it you should be able to produce a very good-looking video at a relatively modest cost.

#2. Do You Have the Video Equipment That You Will Need?

Obviously you’ll need video equipment to produce your video. The basic equipment for any video production is… of

  • A multimedia computer that is powerful and fast enough to run the
    more robust versions of the latest video editing software.

  • A good digital video camera or camcorder that shoots in high definition (that’s the standard these days!).

Corporate videos – video editing software
  • The more robust
    versions of
    video editing software such as Adobe, Sony, Avid, Pinnacle
    etc. that will give you the flexibility you need to produce a good
    looking and sounding video.

So… When you look the above over… Do you have this equipment or do you need to rent
or buy it?

#3. Do You Have a Good Idea of the Story, “Pitch” or Information That You Want to Get Across?

Corporate videos – pre-production

Do you have a very good (and as original as possible) idea of what you
want to get across in your video?

  • What story do you want to tell,
  • What point do you want to get across,
  • What do you want to interest your audience in?

Of course… If it’s a “Call to Action ” (What you want your audience
(customers) to do to acquire the products, information or services being shown in the video)… then…
how will this video lead them to that point!

If you feel that you have a good idea and you know what you want to get across in the video then… You also need to be able to organize the production a bit so it can be done in an orderly fashion and not drag on and on. How can you organize it?


You have to organize any video production… big or small… amateur or professional if you want it to achieve your desired result. If you don’t… You get yourself into the seemingly never-ending loop that many video producers (even the pros) find themselves in of constantly changing the story.

And in doing that… Add hours, weeks or even months to the production. You can start “chasing your own tail” so to speak. Whether
you’re an amateur or professional… getting into this loop will cost you
time and money… Not to mention… A lot of aggravation (smile).

#4. The Production of the Video Material… How Much Quality Do You Need?

Corporate videos – production

If you’re doing this yourself you may not be looking to
do an elaborate production.

Such as…

  • Shooting on location,
  • Talent (actors),

  • Costumes,
  • Exotic lighting etc. but…

Maintaining good “production values” (The
quality of the “look and feel” of the video plus clear sharp audio) means you’ll have to take some time to get it right.

Your scene and shot set up, camerawork
and audio work has to be done right!

There’s only so much you can do to
clean up material in the video editing stage. You need good material to
work with and that starts with good production!

#5. Post-Production… Putting Your Video Together… Do You Have the Facilities?

Post-production corporate videos

You’ll need to know your way around your video
editing software. If you shot excellent material in the production stage
you should have a pretty easy time of it when you go to edit it.

other main thing to consider in post-production is how you’re going to
disseminate your video. For example…

  • Is it going on a video sharing site such as
  • Are you going to create DVDs that can be passed out as
    promotional material to customers?
  • Will you stream your video on your company
  • Will you present it to your customers or employees in a conference setting?

There are many ways you can disseminate your video… just make
sure you have a good idea of how you’re going to get it out so that in
the final stages you can use the most optimum audio and
video file
to export the final product.

My Recommendation…

Okay… Now that you’ve looked at some the factors that go into shooting a corporate video take a look again if you want to invest the time and energy into producing one yourself.

Recommendation – do-it-yourself corporate videos

* My recommendation on do-it-yourself corporate videos is that if you do choose to do it… You have a crystal-clear vision of the idea or message that you want to get across and then keep your production “simple” and “to the point”. It’s far from impossible… As a matter fact… It can be fun and quite rewarding!

Check out the articles on this site more information on producing great video!

Just remember… Amateur and
professional filmmakers are making full-length features with iPads and
iPhones these days!

There’s no reason… with a little planning and organization… that you can’t also create a great looking corporate video yourself on a modest budget!

Go for it…!

Have fun…!  Dan (Editor)

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