Meemim Retires its Free Knowledge Management Platform for Business Users

Meemim will retire its free knowledge management platform in February of 2019, leaving users just under seven months to find a different provider.

The Meemin Knowledge Management service was created to give users a single place to share knowledge and information with teams and within an organization. Knowledge management solutions are growing in popularity because companies and their employees are generating more data than ever.

This not only applies to large enterprises but also small businesses with a digital presence including websites, social media channels, eCommerce businesses, blogs and more. Having a single resource where all this information can be accessed makes a company more productive, especially as the amount of data keeps increasing.

In a notice sent out via email, the company said it was retiring the service because the continuous investment in development and the costs of running the back-end infrastructure wouldn’t allow the system to gain the necessary scale. At the same time, support for the project from Microsoft comes to an end in 2019.

Effective immediately, Meemim Knowledge Management will stop accepting new customers. Businesses already using the platform have until February to find another provider and migrate their data.

The company said it will not provide data extracts because of the associated costs. This means you have to move your data from the system manually. However, no data will be stored or made available beyond the February 2019 deadline.

Meemim it WILL continue to operate the system beyond February 2019. And subscribers — but not free account holders — can use the system until 2020 or longer.

Meanwhile, Meemim Knowledge Management has transitioned into vGIS (, a spatial visualization platform for augmented, mixed and virtual realities.

What is a Knowledge Management Solution?

Simply put, a knowledge management solution stores and indexes a wide range of information sources and makes it available for the user quickly and easily.

Once in place, an organization can create, capture, centralize, distribute, search and streamline their information. The system will create a single source of information which is automatically updated so users can access it from any device, anytime and anywhere.

An effective knowledge management solution is invaluable in today’s digital ecosystem.

Where Can You go if you are a Meemim Knowledge Management User?

Fortunately, there are many providers in the marketplace. And as collaboration has become the way today’s workforce works, knowledge management and collaboration tools are becoming one in the same.

So collaboration tools will have a knowledge base and management solution in place and vice versa.

Atlassian Confluence, ProProfs Knowledge Base, Bloomfire, and Freshdesk Freshworks are some of the many options.

As always, take your time in choosing the company and explore the free tier thoroughly if the company offers it. When you decide on a company, try the monthly service until you are 100% sure it is the solution for you.

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