Mobile Ecommerce Trends Caused by AI in 2018

The integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the workflow of small businesses has made them more efficient. And for e-commerce businesses with a mobile presence, the contribution of AI can transform your online business, this according to an infographic by Mofluid.

According to Mofluid, AI is expected to have an impact in almost every industry vertical, easily making it the next level of technological shifts. And by 2020 the technology is expected to manage 85% of customer support with intelligent automation.

For small business owners with an online presence, having an AI-based mobile Commerce platform will provide a number of different services without having to invest in additional human resources. And it will further close the gap a company has between e-commerce and mobile commerce.

In addressing this gap, Mofluid says, “Both platforms need continuous optimization in order to stay in the competition. More than the customer it is the technology which is bringing about transformation to the way online business is being run.”

As more people use mobile to make purchases, the optimization of this platform will be key for the long-term success of any online business.

AI Driven M-Commerce Trends

An important feature in today’s digital marketing is personalization. With AI, businesses can personalize their marketing with greater accuracy to increase their conversion rates. Mofluid reports some retailers have experienced an increase of 30% in their conversion rates.

Based on customer engagement on websites, AI can be used to recommend products and deliver millions of homepage variations from the data customers enter when they visit a site for a more personalized experience.

In order to deliver personalized and targeted ads, having a good customer experience (CE) is key. A good CE will result in more data being generated by the customer as they interact with your site, employees or chatbots.

This entails having an effective search and navigation tools powered by AI using voice. With natural language processing (NLP) a small business can have a voice search and navigation platform available 24/7 capable of narrowing and contextualizing search results.

To further assist your customers, you can create virtual shoppers to help customers find the items they need or even make recommendations based on previous interactions.

The Integration of AI

Integrating AI in your mobile commerce platform is just one more tool which will improve your online presence. Digital solutions take work and they have to be optimized according to the specific needs of your company. But once you have everything in place, they can deliver results which will make your company better.

You can look at the infographic below for the rest of the ways AI is being used in mobile commerce.

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