PayPal Mobile Updates Make Small Business Payments Faster and More Secure

The latest development to the PayPal (NASDAQ: PYPL) mobile app will make it easier to send and request money. PayPal has become popular with consultants, freelancers and other small business operators as a quick and easy way to invoice clients and get paid online and a way for other small business owners who need those services to pay for them as well.

Updated PayPal App

According to PayPal, the new improvements to the app are focused on the customer experience. So when users want to send or request money, pay for a service, send a gift or buy something it will be much easier.

This means small businesses using PayPal will also be able to accept payments, pay their freelancers and more with fewer hassles. PayPal has more than 17 million businesses on its platform, and the vast majority of these are small business owners.

The platform has more than 244 million active accounts as of Q2 2018,  reflecting an addition of 7.7 million net new active users for a growth of 18% year over year. With hundreds of millions of users around the world, small businesses can access this global customer base and make their products and services easy to purchase.

The New Improvements

The improvements have been made based on the features customers use most. When you open the PayPal mobile app you can now see your balance right away, get notifications and transfer funds from almost anywhere around the world.


Additional improvements include the repositioning of the Send and Receive buttons so users can access them in the home screen.

Customers can now add their photo to personalize their contact list, and, as an added security feature, users can be sure they are dealing with the right person when they see the image.

Other security features include advanced authentication tools with 24/7 fraud monitoring and instant account notification in the event of unauthorized access from a new location or device.


The improved PayPal mobile app is now available in select markets around the world on Android, including in Australia and Italy. And iOS users will have the new features available for them on their devices over the coming weeks, including in the US.

Images: PayPal

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