QuickBooks Webinar to Cover Key Features of the Software for Managing Small Businesses

Do you want to keep track of the cost of jobs for your business more efficiently?

QuickBooks expert Scott Gregory is going hold a webinar so you can learn how to use jobs and job costing in QuickBooks Pro/Premier or Enterprise.

The webinar will be held on Nov. 6, 2018 from 11:00 AM to 12:30 PM (EST). Gregory will be covering a range of topics which will conclude with a Q&A.

Gregory will bring his 30+ years of QuickBooks expertise, profit and cash flow improvement insights, and inventory and manufacturing knowledge.

He will be addressing such issues as:

  • Customers vs. Jobs – what’s the difference?
  • QuickBooks fields for tracking information unique to the job
  • Tracking labor to jobs (time vs dollars)
  • Creating a job estimate
  • Buying materials for a job/tracking job-related expenses
  • Job items vs job expenses – why items are very helpful
  • And much more.

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Trying to figure out the basics of using jobs and job costing in QuickBooks Pro/Premier or Enterprise? If so, this webinar is for you! We’ll cover the basic setup, usage, and reporting of jobs in the Pro/Premier and Enterprise versions of QuickBooks. Topics include the difference between customers vs. jobs, adding a job, QuickBooks fields for tracking information unique to the job, creating a job estimate, buying materials for a job / tracking job related expenses and much more.
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