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A new FREE ebook, “How to Build a Better Ecommerce Website” from the internet advertising platform Criteo could help to answer that question.

The ebook walks you through four important steps to maximize your ecommerce site’s impact. Can you really afford NOT to check out information that could bring you more customers online and improve your bottom line?

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Whether your ecommerce website is a stand alone business or part of a larger operation, it represents a significant investment.

You may have paid a web designer to build the site or a developer to modify an existing ecommerce platform.

There are domain name and hosting fees, of course. You may have also paid for pay per click or other online advertising to get the initial traffic trickling in.

Then there’s the hours of time — spent by you or your team — creating social media campaigns  and content marketing pieces to engage and convert your audience into paying customers.

So if, after everything else, your sales remain anemic and your shopping carts are empty — or being abandoned before checkout — all this effort and expense is in vain.

Fortunately, creating an effective ecommerce business is very doable with the right knowledge.

In this new ebook you’ll learn:

  • How to audit an ecommerce site to find opportunities for improvement
  • How to SEO an ecommerce website to improve search engine ranking
  • How to review your ecommerce site’s responsive template
  • Best practices to optimize your site for better conversions

Of course, you may already be doing great in sales on your ecommerce site. But could you be doing better?

The world of ecommerce is becoming a very competitive place. Not only are there many other smaller merchants like you. But there are the big guys as well: Amazon, Ebay and more.

So how can you stand out in this crowd and attract more customers and a growing revenue stream?

By downloading this FREE ebook today, of course!

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