Samsung Galaxy Watch Set for Release

The Samsung Galaxy Watch is no longer a rumor as the company leaked images of the watch on its site (which was quickly taken down).

Images of the Samsung Galaxy Watch Leaked

The snafu was reported on CNET by Scott Stein, who also managed to get a screenshot of the watch before Samsung realized what it had done.

The only information available on the company’s US website was the image of the Galaxy Watch in a 42mm Rose Gold version with Bluetooth along with its model number (SM-R810NZDAXAR).

According to Stein, the model number, SM-R810NZDAXAR didn’t match what Samsung filed with the FCC. Although it is part of the R800 of earlier reports, it could mean a new version with added features.

This mistake by Samsung might be the biggest headline smartwatches have received in some time, which could be a blessing in disguise for the company and the segment.

This is Stein’s Twitter feed as the event unfolded:

Smartwatch Adoption

There was great hope when smartwatches started entering the marketplace, but the lackluster adoption by consumers is still an ongoing problem.

According to International Data Corporation (IDC), smartwatches will capture 32.8% of the wearable market in 2018 with 43.6 million units shipped around the world. The growth in the next four years will go up to 38.3% of the market share with 84.1 million units expected to ship in 2022, a 17.9% compound annual growth rate. This is still very low compared to smartphones.

The forecast by eMarketer is not much better, as the firm downgraded its projection for wearable usage. It is projecting the number of US adult smartwatch users by 2021 will go down to 6.2% compared to the 20% range in 2018.

Cindy Liu, forecasting analyst, eMarketer, said, “Consumers have yet to find a reason to justify the cost of a smartwatch, which can sometimes cost as much as a smartphone.”

Business Application

Businesses owners, just like regular consumer generally adopt similar technologies. But they also look for ways to optimize these technologies to improve the way they communicate, run their business and become more efficient.

With the right smartwatch and app, you can get more organized, receive notifications, send messages, find your way around, make payment, take notes, and more.

There are hundreds of apps for iOS and Android smartwatches specifically designed to help you get the most out of your device. Everyone from SalesForce to Slack, Microsoft, Trello, IFTT and Evernote have smartwatch apps.

Granted you can do all of these things and more with your smartphone, but a smartwatch can make it much easier if you use it properly.

Image: Samsung

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