Small Business Trends Magazine’s Kidpreneurs Edition Looks to the Next Generation

The next edition of Small Business Trends Magazine is available today!

In this issue, we’re talking Kidpreneurs. They’re the next generation of small business owners and entrepreneurs and in this edition of the magazine, we have stories and advice for and from them.

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Inside this month, you’ll see why we should be taking kidpreneurs seriously. And if you’re a kidpreneur and reading this, you’ll want to check out our cover story to see how to get others to take you seriously as an entrepreneur.

We love lists here and in this edition of the magazine, we’re overstuffed with business ideas. All the business ideas inside this edition are perfect for younger entrepreneurs.

And for parents of entrepreneurs, we’ve got advice inside on how to help your children manage their businesses without doing all the important work for them.

You’ll find all this and so much more!

So be sure to download your FREE copy of Small Business Trends magazine today.

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