The App Approach – How Zoho Creator Can Help Your Business

What’s the one thing that can set a business back years? Outdated software. What worked for your business at the start won’t at its prime. So if spreadsheets were your workhorse in the “good ol’ days,” using them after you’ve grown can result in stagnation.

Spreadsheets, being static and predominantly single-user tools, aren’t amenable to scaling. When your business inevitably grows, and people and processes get more numerous, spreadsheets find themselves in hostile territory. They’re overwhelmed by data overload, choosing to slow down and crash instead of processing it. Errors come with the package. Collaboration outside of email attachments or SharePoint is unheard-of.

So what happens when you choose to ignore these problems and hope they go away? You guessed right—disaster.

When spreadsheets fail, databases come to the rescue—but while most are advanced, and capable, they’re also unnecessarily complicated. They get the job done, but only if you invest a fortune in setting them up and hiring a professional to manage them.

Disheartened? Don’t be. Because we have something that’s simple, fuss-free, and effective.

Zoho Creator — your ticket to a spreadsheet-free world

Zoho Creator is online database software that intuitively shapes itself to your business. Its repertoire includes drag-and-drop builders for everything from forms to workflows, native mobile apps with exclusive customization, extensive automation capabilities, real-time reports, and comprehensive dashboards, just to name a few of its many features. With our exclusive role-based access controls, you can share and collaborate without putting the security of your data at stake.

And the best part? You don’t have to hire a developer to get your system up and running. You can build and customize on the go, without going through the hassle of coding. From communicating with customers to managing inventory, you can do it all on Zoho Creator.

To sweeten the deal, we’re even offering a free migration of your spreadsheets to a Zoho Creator application—and it’ll take less than 30 minutes. All you have to do is sign up, upload your sheets, and a brand-new database app is created for you!

Ready to leave your cells for a better view?

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