The secret to winning in business

As we’re helping business owners succeed I see where most people go wrong when scaling, especially when they scale to demand. When people scale to the demand they don’t scale to their ability, and that’s one thing we’ve done really well.

People want what they can’t have and if they can’t have something, it just makes them want it even more.

I’ve seen this happen in businesses in our industry where the demand has been there, and they’ve scaled to the demand, and they’ve blown up. They’ve hired people, the quality of the talent wasn’t good enough, and the whole business imploded and the guy nearly lost everything.

On the one hand we haven’t scaled to the demand, we’ve scaled to our ability to grow. So, we’re always getting the model to where we can deliver the highest level of value based on where we’re at, and then thinking ahead, ‘Okay, how do we break this?’

The reason why most people scale to demand is because they want to make lots of money and buy Mazaratti’s and penthouses.

The real goal should be in the making the money that’s required in order for you to put the systems in place, to get to the next stage.

It’s not about things, it’s about the service.

In ‘The Trick to Money Is Having Some!’ Stuart Wilde wrote, ‘If you have the ability to raise people’s energy they will break down doors, climb through windows, bust down walls and climb in through the ceiling in order to get to you.

All you need then is a billing system.

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Kerwin Rae

Kerwin Rae

Kerwin Rae is a businessman, investor, strategic advisor, author and international speaker. He has studied and observed the psychology of influence for well over a decade now and is considered an expert on influencing human behaviour and how it relates to sales, marketing, fast growth business principles, leadership and personal transformation.
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