Top 13 Podcasts for Entrepreneurs Today (INFOGRAPHIC)

It’s an exciting time to be a small business owner and entrepreneur.

Aside from having easy access to a wide variety of technology that make running a small business easier, today you also have access to more information online for running a successful business.

Podcasts represent one of the new and exciting information and communication mediums available today that transcends radio talk shows. A podcast allows you to listen to audio recordings (typically MP3 audio files) on a computer or mobile device like your iPod and smartphone. All you have to do is search for your favorite podcast show online, play and listen to new podcast episodes anytime, anywhere you want.

The Podcasts app for iOS and Google Podcasts app for Android provide an easy way to discover and download or stream top podcasts online. Listening to podcasts enhances your knowledge by allowing you to consume a wealth of information without always needing to read. How cool is that?

Pretty cool.

Best Podcasts for Entrepreneurs

The best entrepreneurial, motivational, and productivity podcasts offer more than just insights, advice, and inspiration for transforming your business; They also offer a convenient medium for learning new ways and insights for self-development, self-improvement and personal growth.

According to Austin, Texas-based insurance search engine and comparison website The Zebra, which commissioned Siege Media, LLC to create an infographic highlighting 13 best podcasts for small business owners and entrepreneurs, the best podcasts come in lengths varying from 10 minutes to more than two-and-a-half hours. This means you’re assured to find a podcast series to suit your needs.

Some of the best podcasts for small business owners and entrepreneurs The Zebra highlights include:
1. Lewis Howes’ The School of Greatness: A podcast on entrepreneurship that looks into what makes great people great and how to apply those lesson in your own life.

2. Timothy Ferriss’ The Tim Ferriss Show: A business podcast that deconstructs world-class performers to extract tactics and routines you can use to perform at the highest level yourself.

3. Scott Smith’s The Daily Boost: A podcast on productivity that discusses robust personal development strategies and common sense.

More Inspirational Podcasts for Entrepreneurs – Infographic

A good time to listen to a podcast or two is on your commute to work, says The Zebra. You can also listen to podcasts while getting ready for work in the morning, while making and eating breakfast (if you’re alone), while exercising, or any other appropriate time.

The best podcasts for entrepreneurs and small business owners cover a variety of topics, including management tips, being a successful entrepreneur, achieving greatness, happiness, and more.

Check out The Zebra’s full list of 13 best podcasts for entrepreneurs in the infographic below and be inspired.

Images: The Zebra

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