Why Customers Leave–and How You Can Keep Them [Infographic]

How to keep customers: low prices, high quality, great service.

It’s simple, right?

Ha. If only.

CallMiner, a company that analyzes voice calls to improve agent performance, created an infographic that explores the top reasons why customers leave, how you can better communicate on the platforms they prefer, and what customers say it takes to gain their loyalty.

Over four-fifths of customers say they would switch suppliers after a bad call center experience, according to the graphic. That means one simple negative experience can impact an entire relationship.

Marketers can help mitigate bad experiences by rewarding customers for renewing contracts and keeping prices low. But ultimately, customers’ experiences are a reflection of all of their interactions with a brand, which means every department needs to be aligned in creating customer satisfaction.

Check out the infographic to see how you can retain customers and reduce churn. 


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