Why Your Google Ads Quality Scores Are Important

Have you been struggling to get more visibility for your Google Ads? Is your CPC way too high? Don’t worry – there are some things that you can do without raising your bid through the roof.

You are going to need to take a look at your quality score. But, what is your quality score and how does it affect your campaigns?

What is the importance of Quality Score?

The Google ad quality score is a metric that measures the quality and relevance of your ads, keywords and landing pages. The metric is rated on a scale of 1 to 10. You need to maximise your quality score to expand the reach of your ad and get the best ROI.

Google uses your quality score to determine your ad ranking and CPC. You may be shocked by how much you can increase your ROI by improving this one metric! If you need guidance, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to help.

Why should you care about your quality score?

Are you still sceptical?  Take a look at the five reasons maximising your quality score is important.

Improving the visibility of your ads

Advertisers run Google Ads for two main reasons: performance marketing and branding. If your goal is to increase brand visibility, then you need to make sure your ads get as much exposure as possible. Your options are:

  •           Adding more keywords
  •           Using a broader keyword targeting strategy
  •           Increasing your bids
  •           Improving your quality score

You’ll need to apply all of these strategies to some degree. However, you will eventually experience the law of diminishing returns by adding more keywords and broadening your keyword targeting. Most of the keywords that you test will have low conversion rates, so adding them to your campaign will hurt your ROI. Also, if those keywords aren’t relevant enough, they will hurt your click-through rate, which will reduce your quality score. This will actually reduce the amount of traffic and visibility that you receive from your higher performing keywords.

Raising your bid is also necessary, but can only do so much. If you raise your bid too much without improving your quality score, your traffic may be too expensive to have a positive ROI.

Improving the quality score is the most cost-effective strategy to increase exposure for your ads because it will help you achieve a higher ad ranking.

Reduce your CPC

Did you improve your quality score? The first thing that you probably noticed was that your ad ranking improved. Dig a little deeper. You will probably see that your CPC fell as well!

According to this infographic from WordStream, increasing your quality score from 2 to 10 will cause your CPC to drop from $4.01 to $1.61. Don’t beat yourself up if you have a poor ROI and a lousy quality score. You could triple your ROI by improving your Google Ads Quality Score, while also significantly increasing your impression share at the same time. Please don’t hesitate to call us if you want to learn more about how quality score can affect your ROI or other steps you can take to make your campaign more profitable.

Source: WordStream

Quality score appears to help your conversion rate

There may be a correlation between quality score and conversion rates, although marketing experts haven’t been able to provide any global data to verify this, because conversion rates vary significantly between industries. However, a study by one marketing agency suggests that high-ranking ads convert better. Their data shows that ads in the number one position have a conversion rate of 5.18%, which is twice as high as ads in position 1.8. The authors of this case study were unable to factor for other variables, but it is still promising.

Since your ad ranking is largely determined by your quality score, you might be able to increase conversion rates by improving it.

Your ad will have a higher CTR

Ads that rank higher will also have a higher CTR. One of the main reasons is that users are most likely to click the first ads they see. If your ad is ranking lower on the page, it will have less visibility, which means that it will be less likely to get clicked.

Your quality score is a good indicator of user experience

Ads have a higher quality score if the ads are relevant and the landing pages provide a good user experience. If your quality score is poor, that is an indication that people may not be engaged with your funnel. Improving your score will likely mean that your landing pages will perform better.  

Improving your quality score is essential

You need a high-quality score to create a profitable Google Ads campaign. You will need to take a number of steps to improve, which include segmenting ads by ad group, testing three ads at once, adding negative keywords after looking at the keyword reports, including the keywords in the ad copy and landing page and avoiding mixing different types of targeting.

If you are stuck, please don’t hesitate to call our Digital Marketing Agency Sydney. We have extensive experience optimising Google ads to boost quality scores and get the best ROI. Feel free to contact us today!

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